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Beauty Blogger Feature- Painted Lips

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♥ Lonvitalite - Collagen Crystal Eye Masks ♥ Lonvitalite is an Australian company taking the beauty world by a storm. With products that are formulated in Germany, and awards to back their success this brand was one I just had to get my hands on. With something for everyone and specific ingredients to suit your personal needs you have no excuse not to indulge. I haven't always been a huge face mask, eye mask kind of girl during my career within the industry but since I discovered this brand there will be no going back. There's something about being able to have that salon experience within your own four walls, plus it's nice to know after a hectic day I have a few little pick me ups waiting for me to sit back,relax and enjoy the benefits of the Lonvitalite range. Inparticular I have been loving the results that the Collagen crystal eye masks have been giving me. Lately I have had plenty of late nig... continue reading


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DO DERMA ROLLERS ACTUALLY WORK? BAZAAR INVESTIGATES BAZAAR tests the newest needles on the market. ... continue reading

The Benefits Of Microneedling Your Skin: How To Use A Derma-Roller - It's not as scary as it seems

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It’s the multi-tasking beauty treatment that can target everything from ... continue reading

Your guide to at-home derma rollers

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Derma rollers are an interesting - and yep, scary - beauty product. At a glance, the idea of pin-pricking your skin with tiny needles seems painful and confusing. How can that possibly do your skin any good? Well, there is a method to the madness. What is a derma roller? A ... continue reading

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