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The Products you should be applying after Skin Needling

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Your Guide to Lonvitalite Derma Rollers

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After discovering the amazing skin care benefits of facial dermal rolling, I was so excited to find out that we can actually derma roll our entire bodies too, so I put together this guide to the amazing new Lonvitalité derma rollers for both face and body! ... continue reading

Treating eye bags with Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask

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Hola, Things are getting super busy in my life and with everyday, getting to blog is getting incredibly difficult. But, when I get some of the sweetest Dms and messages on social media from some of you, it just encourages me to not give up so easily and thus I’m back with a new review post today. Long working hours in front... continue reading

Skin Needling 101: All The Facts You Want To Know

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Skin Needling 101: All The Facts You Want To Know ... continue reading

Derma Rollers Australia Reviews

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Your guide to at-home derma rollers ... continue reading


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Gold in skincare feels luxe. It’s super fancy, and right now it’s popping up all over the place. Although does it actually do anything? You see, gold has a long histor... continue reading

The Benefits Of Microneedling Your Skin: How To Use A Derma-Roller

By on 24 August 2018 click here to comment

The Benefits Of Microneedling Your Skin: How To Use A Derma-Roller It's not as scary as it seems - by Jessica Bosco · 24 AUG 2018 It’s the multi-tasking beauty treatment that can target everything from blemishes and dull skin to acne scarring, stretch marks and even hair loss – all without going under the knife. But what exactly is derma-rolling and how can you do it yourself at home? What is Derma-Rolling? Derma-Rolling or micronee... continue reading

At-Home Microneedling or Dermarolling … what’s all the hype?

By on 16 February 2018 click here to comment

It’s hard not to wince when you hear the word needles , especially when it involves rolling them across your face. But … microneedling or dermarolling — a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that involves puncturing the skin with extremely tiny needles (or a dermaroller) to trigger your skin’s repair process and collagen production. Believe it or not this treatment is nothing new and dermatologists have been performing this procedure for years as a treatment for facial scars. Actually, the earliest forms of microneedling were reported by acupuncturists in China, centuries ago! How it works is straightforward: The micro dermal roller is comprised of fine, precise tiny needles that are rolled directly on the skin in a controlled motion creating micro-injuries on the ski... continue reading


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If you can tell from viewing our ... continue reading

The Noise In Wonderland - Take Off Your Mask

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Take Off Your Mask ... continue reading

East End Taste - Hamptons Living with a Taste for Luxury Travel

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Jill Zarin’s 5th Annual Lux Luncheon Jill Zarin has done it again! The Luxury Luncheon benefiting Thyroid Cancer Research took place this past Saturday, July 29 from 12-4pm at the Private Estate of Jill and Bobby Zarin in Southampton... continue reading

Q&A with Lonvitalité

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Q&A With Lonvitalité July 21, 2017 Australian skincare brand, Lonvitalité is mak... continue reading

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