Things are getting super busy in my life and with everyday, getting to blog is getting incredibly difficult.  But, when I get some of the sweetest Dms and messages on social media from some of you, it just encourages me to not give up so easily and thus I’m back with a new review post today.

Long working hours in front of laptops and computers and lack of sleep results in dark circles for most of us and considering the busy lifestyles we all have, most of us don’t have enough time or patience to apply creams and wait for months to see results. Few weeks back when CS&CO contacted me and asked if I would want to check their Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen eye masks. Well, why would I say NO to trying new products and especially when it’s from a brand that is sworn by Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Alba, who would not want to try it out. 


Essentially made of pure natural extract and collagen composition, the masks are an innovative transparent film increasing the one-way absorption rate to the eye area by more than 98% with moisture absorption 10 times the rate of a traditional eye mask. The nutrient laden ingredients combined with 24K Gold will permeate the skin and help to speed up cellular processes, activating regeneration which aids in restoring lost ageing skin’s volume.




Hydrolyzed soy protein, deionized water, Allantoin, Propylene glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Red algae extract  Glycerine, Vitamin C,E, and B3, Lubrajel oil, microprotein, Dmdmh and iodopropynyl butyl carbamate, L-sodium acid  Hyaluronic acid amionpropyl phosphate derivative Disodium EDTA, Grapeseed extract, Rose essential oil, Carbopol 940, Ethylhexylglycerin, Dimethylol Dimethyl Hydantoin, 24k Active, Gold TWEEN 20

My Experience:

Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask

Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask- After

The Lonvitalite 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask promises to ELIMINATE dark circles and I was really curious to know if it lives up to what it claims. They have a very silicone kind of feel to them and consists of a serum in it. As soon as I put them under my eyes, it gave a very soothing and cooling feeling to the skin. The mask has to be put for at least 20 minutes and the best part is you can walk around and do some of your chores, but I would suggest you to relax while the mask is on to serve its purpose. I applied the leftover serum in the cover all over my face, because who wants to waste such precious things in life right!

I kept the masks for 30 minutes and when I took them off, I could notice that they had become comparatively a bit thinner from when I’d put them on initially. This meant that the serum in the eye mask was well absorbed by the skin. I washed my face with plain water and did notice a considerable reduction in the dark pigmentation under the eyes. Since, the mask has a lot of good ingredients, especially hyaluronic acid, an ingredient present in most of the well-known Korean skin care products, that helps in reducing the fine lines under the eyes.

The brand advises you to 1 mask every day for 3 days, and then once a week for best results. But, I think if you are not going through serious under eye circles, using this eye mask once in 2 weeks is enough to help you deal with the dark circle problems.

If you can get your hands on these eye masks, definitely go for it because it does exactly what it claims for. I also have their Coconut Milk Hydrating face mask and I’m excited to try it out this weekend and give you all my opinion about it. For all the updates and mini reviews, make sure you are following me on all my social media channels.

Till then stay awesome.

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