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One of the greatest things about Lonvitalité and our all Natural Facial sheet masks is their versatility. Our masks can be applied at home in the comfort of your own home, during a business stopover or even on a plane en route to an exciting destination to look and feel refreshed when you disembark! 

Our masks are professional grade products used in 400 + salons across the country, with a range of active ingredients to suit a diverse range of skin types. Our range includes face masks, 2 eye masks, and 1 lip mask.

The Lonvitalité range is completely cruelty free. Our range is formulated with the most natural and effective ingredients, together with the latest technology available, across our skin care range.


Lonvitalite’s range of Medical device TGA approved are the highest of quality to aid in at home treatments to help penetrate your serum’s up to 40% deeper into the skin.

Our Derma rollers come in varies sizes for your face, eye & lip, body, buttock and stomach


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